Tec5 Joseph N. Korzeniowski – Part 3.


This is part 3 in a multi-part series on Tec5 Joseph N. Korzeniowski, who serves as a medic with Company C, 46th Armored Medical Battalion.

It will focus on the training period of the 4th Armored Division at the Desert Training Center, California, and Camp Bowie, Texas.

En route to DTC

En route to California

Desert Training Center

On November 1st, 1942 the 4th Armored Division started moving from the area where the Tennessee Maneuvers had been held to the Desert Training Center in the California desert. This training center was set up by General Patton to train units in desert warfare. Because it was located in a large, open and sparsely populated area, the Desert Training Center was ideal for the training of large units in mobile warfare and live-fire excercises.

The 4th Armored Division moved first to Freda, California and later (March 1943) to Camp Ibis, near Needles, California.


The 46th AMB’s history unfortunately doesn’t include the training at the Desert Training Center, but there are a lot of photos taken by Joseph Korzeniowski there that show us what took place.

DTC scenery
DTC scenery

Mohave Desert, California

The following photos show some of the medical training at the Desert Training Center. An operating table is set up and an operation on a dog is performed. Probably to demonstrate medical procedures during operations.

Medical training
Medical training
Medical training DTC
Medical Training DTC
Medical training DTC
Medical training DTC

Mass is celebrated around Christmas 1942:

Command car chaplain
Command Car
Division Chaplain

These photos possibly show Joseph Korzeniowski. He is standing next to a Dodge ambulance and an M4 Sherman tank.


Between excercises, there was some time for recreation and leave to towns in the vicinity.

San Bernadino

San Bernadino, California

Hollywood Canteen, January 10th 1943


Joseph Korzeniowski at Needles, California

Evanstanko, John

John M. Evanstanko (33164265) at Needles, California. I have no records for him after November 1943.

The following photos were taken on a march to the Grand Canyon:

Grand Canyon
Ghost Town

Ghost city on way to Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Joseph Korzeniowski at the Grand Canyon

The final set of photos show us camp life in the Desert Training Center. They show us many of Korzeniowski’s comrades at Company C, 46th Armored Medical Battalion:

Fiels inspection

Full field inspection

Cecil Edwards

Cecil F. Edwards (33189610). I have no specific records of him after November 1943, other than that he received a Certificate of Merit

Stanley J. Misterka (31073817) on the left and Cecil F. Edwards (33189610) on the right.

Misterka was a Surgical Technician. He served with Company C, 46th AMB. During December 1944, he was on temporary duty with the Medical Detachment of the 37th Tank Battalion. He returned to C/46 on December 21st, 1944

Stanley J. Misterka on the left and Robert J. Gamache (32317024) on the right.

Gamache served with Company C, 46th AMB during the War. He was evacuated to the 101st Evacuation Hospital on January 5th, 1945 due to illness


Two photos showing Robert J. Gamache

Tent city

Tent city


Joseph N. Korzeniowski on K.P. duty peeling potatoes


Frank DeMarco (32199201) on the left and Joseph Korzeniowski on the right on K.P. duty.

DeMarco was trained as a Surgicla Technician with Company C, 46th AMB. His MOS was later changed to 657, Litter Bearer


“DeMarco-butchers”. Frank DeMarco

“Dick” or perhaps “Duck”? I have not yet been able to identify him

Wilford N. Pratt (31062405) with “Blackie”. Pratt served as an ambulance driver (MOS 699) with Company C, 46th AMB. He was severely wounded in action on September 24th, 1944. He was evacuated to the 35th Evacuation Hospital


“Blackie” with perhaps Dominic A. Troiano (33108438). Troiano served as a Litter Bearer with C/46. He was on temporary duty with the Medical Detachment of the 51st Armored Infantry Battalion between September 24th and 30th, 1944. He was transferred to the Medical Detachement of the 10th Armored Infantry Battalion on February 25th, 1945


Albert A. Bryan Jr. (32319686) writing a letter. He served as an ambulance driver (MOS 699) with C/46. He was on temporary duty (December 29th, 1944 to January 4th, 1945) with Reserve Command during the Battle of the Bulge

Wilbur Jones

Wilber R. Jones

Garro, Samuel

Samuel Garro (33155231) – Barber. I have not yet identified the customer. Perhaps “Gray”, but I have no one in my records with that name. Garro served as a Medical Technician with C/46 and was promoted to Tec5

Camp Bowie

The final phase of the training in the USA of the 4th Armored Division took place at Camp Bowie, located near Brownwood, Texas. The division moved here in June 1943 and stayed until December 18th, 1943. It was here that the 4th Armored Division reorganized into a “light armored division”.

Training of the division focused on physical fitness and markmanship.

There are no photos of Camp Bowie in the collection of Joseph Korzeniowski. The 46th AMB’s battalion history does have some documents from this period:

From Camp Bowie, Texas the division moved to Camp Myles Standish, Massachusetts. This was the final step before embarkation for the trans-atlantic journey to the UK.